Barry "The Blender" Henderson.

Barry Henderson, or by his alias "The Blender", is the main host of I AM FIGHTER, and is known for his signature catchphrase "Whatta Bout Yee!" He is played by Collin Geddis in all episodes of the series.

Barry is most of the time very cocky and always brags about himself; However these allegations are usually dismissed by Thomas "The Tanker" Smythe who says the opposite of what happened. Barry also seems to be an enterpreneur of sorts, as he made his own DVD "Wreckin' Boys", a body spray "Pure Beaut" and a sex line called "Buck Line."


  • Barry is evidently not as strong as he may claim and seem, in Episode 3, he fails to lift a dumbbell and therefore the camera cuts, showing him picking up a lighter dumbbell.
  • To some hilarious extents, he pronounces many words differently than they should be pronounced, such as "Wan" (One), "Av-Atar" (Avatar).